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Throughout the last decade, First Coast Asphalt Solutions has become Baldwin, FL’s most trusted and excellent paving experts, providing professional installation, repair, and maintenance of concrete, asphalt, miscellaneous pavement, parking lots, line striping, sealcoating, and more. We offer budget-friendly solutions for your paving needs, tailor our work schedules to work best with you to minimize disruptions to your life, and are willing to work with all sorts of properties, including residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial properties in the Florida area since 2013. If you want to beautify your property with paving work, give us a ring today!

Trusted Paving Company in Baldwin FL


  • Communication comes first, and we always collaborate closely with our clients to understand project stages and minimize disruptions.
  • Our customers manage and own all properties, from residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial sectors, prioritizing them no matter the property they manage.
  • We prioritize timely, budget-friendly completion of your projects that are tailored to your requirements, First Coast Asphalt Solutions always being devoted to every customer’s individual needs.

Explore Historic Baldwin FL

A town in Duval County FL, Baldwin had a population of 1,396 as of the 2020 census. When most communities in Duval County consolidated with Jacksonville in 1968, Baldwin, along with Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville Beach, remained primarily independent. The town was first settled under the name of Thigpen in 1846. Mr. Thigpen had opened a tavern to benefit the stagecoach line at the crossroads of what is modern Baldwin.

If you’re looking for a place to go in Baldwin, there are several campsites in the area available alongside beautiful forests. Cary State Forest is one of the nicest wildlife areas in the entire state. Camp Milton is a historical site where wars and conflicts have been fought. Heritage Park Village has a central pavilion and shops along it for anyone to come and visit. If you’re willing to go further, there are other parks you can visit in the immediate area. Whatever you’re into, Baldwin is the Florida town to visit today.

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