Asphalt Milling

If you want to repair or restore your damaged pavement in Florida, First Coast Asphalt Solutions is here to help with cost-effective repair methods. Our team of experts specializes in milling and resurfacing, providing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for all your paving needs.

Restore Your Pavement with Milling & Resurfacing Services from First Coast Asphalt Solutions

This extensive repair service takes specialized equipment and paving expertise to perform. Luckily, the hardworking First Coast crew has the skills to take your parking lot or driveway from cracked and uneven to smooth and attractive. Let’s dig into how resurfacing works.

  • How does pavement resurfacing?

    Asphalt milling removes the top layer of damaged or deteriorating pavement from a road, driveway, or parking lot. A grinding machine removes the old asphalt, creating tiny pieces that can be reused. In addition, the process smooths out any bumps or unevenness, allowing for a safe driving experience. Overall, milling is a good repair method for maintaining the quality and safety of roads and parking lots.

  • When are these repairs recommended?

    Milling and overlay services are often recommended when the surface becomes damaged by weathering, heavy use, or age. However, the pavement structure underneath must be stable for resurfacing services to be effective. Additionally, asphalt milling can address drainage problems, preventing water damage while restoring the surface.

  • Benefits of Milling Services

    • Environmentally friendly: Creates recycled asphalt that can be reused, using less energy and fewer resources.
    • Recycled materials: Can be used in most paving projects as new materials or aggregates to provide strength.
    • Improves surface safety: Eliminates bumps and other irregularities that can cause loss of traction and vehicle accidents.
    • Cost-effective: Less expensive than replacing the entire paved area. It allows addressing problems in the top layer without disturbing the sub-base.
    • Minimal traffic disruption: Quickly performed, allowing for reduced impact and length of lane closures.

    First Coast Asphalt Solutions: North Florida’s Pavement Restoration Contractor

    Don’t wait until your pavement becomes a safety hazard! Your friends, employees, or customers could be in danger! Asphalt milling services could be the answer, but only a professional paving contractor can help you decide.

    You can call us today at 904-721-6300 to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you achieve a smoother, safer, and more attractive parking lot or driveway with milling and overlay services.

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